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Questions on Racial and Ethnic Identities

As part of Kolot's journey to become an anti-racist congregation, we want to know and celebrate the racial and ethnic identities of all of our members, non-member partners, and children so we can best engage and embrace our whole community. To that end, at the suggestion of our Race Working Group we have added the following optional questions. If you have any questions or comments, please contact We invite your feedback!

Fair Share 5784 Membership Dues (September 1, 2023 - August 31. 2024)


Kolot membership dues may be paid in any installment or arrangement that meets your needs. To assist with our budget planning and financial management, a portion of your dues must be paid by December 31, and dues must be paid in full by June 30, 2024.

Kolot’s fiscal year follows the Jewish calendar, so it runs from September 1 to August 31. Many members ask what it costs to run Kolot per member per year. For the year 5784, if every current member pledged $2,245, Kolot would cover our budgeted expenses of $1,438,678. Membership dues are not refundable and, as with most other contributions to Kolot, they are tax deductible!


If your annual gross income falls between

Please pay dues in the amount of

If your annual gross income falls between

Please pay dues in the amount of

$0 -­‐ $25,000


$100,001 -­‐ $125,000


$25,001 -­‐ $35,000


$125,001 -­‐ $150,000


$35,001 -­‐ $45,000


$150,001 -­‐ $175,000


$45,001 -­‐ $57,000


$175,001 -­‐ $200,000


$57,001 -­‐ $70,000


$200,001 -­‐ $350,000


$70,001 – $85,000


$350,001 -­‐ $500,000


$85,001 -­‐ $100,000


$500,001 and above


We ask that you pledge at least the recommended amount from the table above for your individual income level, but will be grateful for any additional level pledge you decide. 

Joining Mid Year?

This form is used for congregational year 5784 (9/1- 8/31) starting September 1, 2023.  If you are joining for the congregational year 5784 between March and August 2024, you may prorate your pledge accordingly.

New Member Joining & Under 30?

If you are a new member joining Kolot Chayeinu / Voices of Our Lives for the very first time AND you are younger than 30-years old AND your personal income is less than $36,000 - you may pledge a one-time dues of $180.

Joining Long Distance?

If you live in another state but would like to join Kolot Chayeinu / Voices of Our Lives as a remote member, we offer a suggested donation of $360.

Based on above chart enter amount pledged for individual membership dues

Based on above chart, enter amount pledged for membership dues for Adult 1.

Based on above chart, enter amount pledged for membership dues for Adult 2.

High Holy Days Pledge

Kolot Chayeinu welcomes everyone to attend our High Holy Days services without charge. Our members feel a spiritual, personal, and communal responsibility for each other.

We share our High Holy Days services with everyone… and they cost a lot to put together. A large percentage of our annual budget is based on your donations made at this time of year. Please consider how much you can afford and give.

Give for what it costs us to produce the High Holy Days—to pay a fair wage to our Clergy, our musicians, our educators, and our facilities and administrative staff; to pay the rent for the space; and the insurance. These costs are not fixed—in fact, they’re growing. We know you know Kolot Chayeinu is a special place, worth every penny you can afford.

We recommend $180 minimum contribution per person attending High Holy Days services.

Enter total pledge for all persons attending. We recommend $180 contribution per person.


Will you participate in building and helping to sustain Kolot Chayeinu / Voices of Our Lives? 

ALL hands are needed. We are a vibrant and participatory community. As a new member, we ask that you pick a place to help build our community.

We encourage you to contribute your energy and passion, skills and time, to support and build our community. 

Please click below and pledge to lend a hand:

Shamas - Volunteers who help to set-up, greet all who come, and help afterwards. A great way to meet the worship community.
Shared Meals - Donate a Shabbat meal to Kolot. Bring it to services and help to set it up. Can be a shared duty. 

D'var Torah - Write and present at a Shabbat morning service a brief commentary on the week’s Torah portion or holiday themes. Help is available for those new to this. 
Read Torah - We are always seeking people who can read or chant Torah for Shabbat and holiday services, so please let us know if you already have this skill and want to share it.
Sing or Lead Singing - if you can sing, love to sing, can play an instrument, would like to sing or play during Shabbat or holiday services, and if you know the liturgy, or some Jewish songs, or want to learn.

All holidays need help, but especially look out for emails for the High Holy Days!

Education Committee - Support the staff of our Children's Learning Program (CLP) to meet the Jewish educational needs of each child and family in our community.
Fundraising Committee - Help expand the culture of philanthropy at Kolot
Gemilut Chasadim / Acts of Loving Kindness - Helping to support members of the congregation at times of need: birth, death, illness, loss, and joy with meals, rides, or errands.
Membership Engagement Committee - Help to recruit, welcome, and connect both current and new members into our community throughout the year.

Justice Work at Kolot - Get involved with justice work by connecting with Kolotniks on issues like climate, decarceration, domestic worker justice, immigrant rights, Kolot’s anti-racist work.
Queer & Trans Community - Join us to advance queer and trans inclusivity and support Kolot as a visible queer and trans-embracing Jewish congregation.
Tachlis / Administration - Help us keep things running smoothly! Help to sign people into meetings, do large mailings, make phone calls, organize our office and storage rooms, and more!

Skills you'd be willing to lend to us as projects arise.

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Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784